June 2022 Volume 14 Issue 6
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Health Insurance Industry Issues and Legislation

HCC Group Newsletter June 2022 Surprise Bill Avalanche
Surprise Bill Avalanche
In the first 2 months since the No Surprises Act went into effect it may have prevented as many as 2 million or more surprise bill claims. This according to a survey of 31 commercial health plans and group health plans from the AHIP and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. CMS predicted there would be17,000 Surprise claims this year.

Avoid Independent Dispute Resolution
CMS's No Surprise Act Portal went live in late April. Providers are racing to file appeals. The clock is ticking on 30-day open negotiation periods everywhere. The goal, achieve reasonable settlements and avoid IDR. With 27 years of experience successfully negotiating claims, HHC Group is ready to go to work to achieve those settlements so you can avoid putting your fate in the hands of those untested arbitrators.

Hospital Prices Going Way Up, Way Up
Hospital systems are increasing prices as much as 15% according to a Wall Street Journal Report. Some employers are fighting the increases. Cheryl DeMars, CEO of the Alliance said, "It looks to us like we're overpaying to begin with. We're not inclined to just roll with requests for higher prices because of current inflationary pressure."

COVID Costing Employers A Bundle
In the six months following diagnosis patients hospitalized for COVID-19 cost their employers $34,851 more than they otherwise would have. With 160,000 working aged people hospitalized with COVID in the last 2 years and non-hospitalized cases costing another $1,037, COVID has cost employers billions.