May 2018 Volume 20 Issue 5
Providing Current Information on

Health Insurance Industry Issues and Legislation

Experts Make the Case for Reference-Based Pricing
Employer-sponsored healthcare costs hit a new high again in 2016. Over the last 15
years they have risen at 4 times the rate of inflation. Higher-deductible plans are
shifting, but not controlling these costs, and may be contributing to their upward
spiral. More employers are switching to or considering switching to Reference-
Based Price to rein in their healthcare insurance spend.
Bending the Cost Curve
More and more smart payors have had enough of ever increasing premiums and are
starting to self-insure. Many are implementing or considering implementing RBP to
reign in their healthcare insurance spend. HHC Group helps payors large and small,
their brokers and TPAs determine if RBP is right for them. We then assist each payor in
building and implementing a customized Plan that best fits their individual needs
and situation.
Payers Rank Their Healthcare Related Priorities
In a recent study health plan executives ranked their companies' six top health care
related priorities and three top healthcare related challenges. They ranked member
satisfaction number 1. In sharp contrast to Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JP
Morgan Chase who are embracing value-base care models, those surveyed ranked
value-based models last.
4 Trends Reshaping Healthcare in the U.S.
As healthcare costs continue to spiral upward in the U.S, the search goes on to
find ways to provide better healthcare value. Four trends driving disruption have
the potential to deliver that value involve changing the payment model, more
sophisticated use of data analytics, integration of medical science innovations and
increased consumer demand for convenience and value.
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