May 2022 Volume 14 Issue 5
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Health Insurance Industry Issues and Legislation

HCC Group Newsletter May 2022 Health Innovation
CBO Releases Healthcare Services Price Analysis
The Congressional Budget Office released its analysis on the impact of the high commercial plan prices on premiums, the scope of benefits, consumer cost-sharing requirements, and wage growth. The analysis also assessed the impact of provider market power on provider price disparities within markets.
No Surprise Act Lawsuits Update
Physicians, hospitals, and air ambulance companies have filed at least six lawsuits over the No Surprises Act. A district court in Texas has invalidated parts of the federal rule dealing with the use of the Qualified Payment Amount in Independent Dispute Resolutions.
Avoid Arbitration, Settle Those Surprise Bills
You can avoid the uncertainty of the court's rulings and IDR arbitration process. How? By having highly-skilled negotiators, like HHC Group's, settle your surprise bills when you receive them, in the open negotiation period or right up until the IDRE issues its decision.
CMS Releases 2021-2030 Health Expenditure Projections
CMS just released its annual National Health Expenditure Report. It includes estimated growth in private, Medicare and Medicaid health expenditures and Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Projected health expenditure growth relative to GDP differs greatly from that experienced over the last decade.
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