May 2023 Volume 15 Issue 5
Providing Current Information on

Health Insurance Industry Issues and Legislation

HHC Group May Newsletter 2023
What's next on the No Surprise Act?
The No Surprises Act may have shielded patients from unexpected medical bills, but it has left a bureaucratic mess, with providers and insurers fighting over who will cover the costs and Congress weighing whether to step back in.

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States are taking action to address the issue of patients being caught off guard by "facility fees".
About half of all patients are getting hit with facility fees, which are billed for doctor visits at hospital-owned clinics, as three in four physicians are now employed by hospitals, health systems or other corporate entities.

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Successfully negotiating claims for almost 27 years
With more than 27 years of experience successfully negotiating provider and facility claims, including those with facility fees, H.H.C. Group is exceptionally equipped to provide this service. Our team consists of highly experienced negotiators, all licensed health insurance adjustors, and attorneys. They use our proprietary database, multiple published databases, and their many years of experience to maximize client savings.

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Chatbots could potentially exhibit superior bedside manners compared to physicians
Virtual patient communication and documentation have been lauded as some of the immediate potential applications of generative AI large language models in healthcare. A study published in JAMA Internal Medicine late last week revealed that when it comes to more nuanced tasks like answering patient questions, responses generated from AI-based chatbots were typically longer, higher in quality and more empathetic than those from the physicians.

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