March 2017 Volume 19 Issue 3
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Health Insurance Industry Issues and Legislation

GOP Bill Delays Cadillac Tax until 2025
The draft of House bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act does not eliminate the tax on high-value employer health plans. However, it delays implementation until 2025. This provision would tax employers for the value of employer-provided health insurance that exceeds the 90th percentile. The bill would also repeal most of the other ACA taxes that financed the law's subsidies.
The Future of Narrow Networks After Repeal of the ACA
Narrow Networks appear to be achieving their goals of controlling healthcare costs while meeting patients' needs. But what will happen to them if the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is repealed or significantly changed? And, what can be done to make Narrow Networks effective for both payers and plan members whether or not the ACA is replaced?
The Travel Ban - A Major Problem for Healthcare and Medicine
28% of physician and surgeons in the U.S. are foreign-born. So, too, are 22% of nursing, psychiatric and home aides, 15% of registered nurses and more than half of medical scientists in the biotechnology sector. The President's travel ban and tougher immigration policies could damage the country's capacity to provide healthcare services and impact advances in medical research.
Good News for Healthcare Plan Enrollees
For the first time in years, average deductibles for individual and family health plans in 2017 were essentially the same as the prior year. Participation by both individuals and families in high-deductible plans was up only very slightly. The report by DirectPath and CEB addresses cost, utilization of HSA, wellness program and specialty drug trends.
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