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National Healthcare Cost-Containment Company Launches Unconventional 'Bulldog' Ad Campaign

September 19, 2016 HHC Group Chooses Bulldog Mascot To Represent Tenacity And Loyalty GAITHERSBURG, MD. September 19, 2016 HHC Group, a medical claims cost-reduction company that works on behalf of self-insured employer groups and other claims payers, introduced its new company mascot a tenacious, "never give up" bulldog as part of a new ad campaign reflective of the company's strategic plan for growth.

A bulldog's character is described as intelligent, staunch, and persistent. Its firm demeanor makes it a dependable animal that is dignified with every action it takes traits HHC Group utilizes to ensure clients pay only the appropriate amount for the healthcare services their plan members receive.

For more than 21 years, HHC has demonstrated a tireless and resolute approach to reducing its clients' medical bills. HHC's claims negotiators use a combination of tenacity, industry intelligence, and carefully-honed skills to deliver maximum savings.

"The bulldog is the perfect icon for our brand. Our negotiators apply dogged persistence and consistently sniff out billing errors and over-charges to make sure our clients pay only the fair and reasonable rate for medical claims," says Bruce Roffe, president and CEO of HHC Group. "We reliably fulfill our clients' evolving needs, consistently exceeding expectations, and respond to requests rapidly to get deals done with the most favorable outcome."

To learn more about HHC Group and its continuum of cost containment services, visit or call 305-963-0762 ext. 163. HHC will also be exhibiting at this year's SIIA Conference in Austin, Texas September 25-27 at Booth 205.

About HHC Group

HHC Group is a medical claims cost-reduction company that works on behalf of insurers, including self-insured employer groups and the third party administrators that handle their health benefits, as well as ERISA and government-sponsored health plans. For more than 20 years, HHC has helped these organizations reduce healthcare costs through a continuum of services including medical claims negotiation and repricing, Medicare-based pricing, medical bill review (audit), and claims editing. In addition, HHC is accredited by the URAC (Utilization Review Accreditation Commission) and provides independent peer reviews for medical claim grievances and disputes in several states throughout the U.S.