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2021 Client Survey Results

December 06, 2021 2021 HHC Group Client Survey Results

Once again, our clients say H.H.C. Group delivers real value with exceptional savings, solutions and service.

Quality Products and Service Over 90% of respondents rate the quality of our products, technology solutions, service, and turnaround times as "excellent."
  • "We appreciate the excellent service and performance." Union client
  • "I've been working with HHC for over 13 years and I have nothing but good experiences with your company." TPA client
  • "The staff is extremely helpful and quick to respond to our needs." National Insurance Company client

Exceptional Listening and Caring 100% say we listen and care about their businesses.
  • "No matter who I deal with, they are knowledgeable & willing to assist in any way they are able to." MGU client
  • "I love working with HHC. All of your staff are knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. My mother had Covid and an employee of HHC immediately added her to church prayer list. I am very grateful for that. This is above and beyond. Thank you." Southwestern TPA

Outstanding Value 100% of respondents say the value they receive for the price they pay is "excellent". All report H.H.C. Groups gives them an advantage versus their competition. 88% say it gives them a "Vital" or "Big" advantage.
  • "The whole staff I work with have been so helpful. In dealing with a provider with claims from over a year ago they were able to get the same discount they did a year ago! We were on a time crunch also and were able to get me the negotiation and the invoices with 2 days. That was a big WOW for me and my staff." Midwestern TPA
  • "HHC assists in 'off menu' requests as well as ones we are currently contracted for. HHC is typically the first vendor I think of when I get approached an out of the ordinary request." Multi-Regional TPA

2021 HHC Group Client Survey Results