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Independent Dispute Resolution

Independent Dispute Resolution

Your Trusted Partner for Healthcare Bill ResolutionHHC Group provides independent arbiter services in payment disputes between hospitals, health systems, individual providers, and payors, avoiding the need to resort to litigation. HHC's Independent Dispute Resolution team quickly and efficiently reviews the specifics of each case, the items or services received, and all documentation provided by the parties and expeditiously delivers determinations. HHC's clinical review panel includes board-certified specialists with 99 different specialties and subspecialties nationwide available to make determinations quickly and seamlessly.

HHC Group is 1 of 5 companies certified by the New York State Department of Financial Services as an Independent Dispute Resolution Entity. HHC's insight regarding the dispute resolution process and its experience resolving provider–payor disputes for New York State enable us to assist hospitals, health systems, individual providers, and payors in resolving disputes quickly and fairly. HHC Group and members of the Independent Dispute Resolution team are licensed health insurance adjusters in the states of Florida, New York, and North Carolina.

HHC Group is available for both formal dispute and informal three-party resolution.

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H.H.C. Group is uniquely well qualified to provide this service given its:
  • 3 decades of experience successfully negotiating settlements on medical bills on behalf of payers nationally;
  • Highly experienced, attorney, licensed health insurance adjustor negotiators;
  • Highly qualified panel of Board-Certified physicians and other healthcare professionals to determine the appropriate amount providers should receive for the services they provide.

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