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2023 Client Survey Results

December 26, 2023 HHC Group 2023 Client Survey

Each year H.H.C. Group asks our clients to tell us how we are doing for them. Are we giving them a competitive advantage and a good bang for their buck? Are we delivering the services they need when needed, and do we show them we care about their businesses?

Once again, our clients told us that H.H.C. Group delivers real value with exceptional savings, quality solutions, and superior customer service.

Quality Products and Technology Solutions H.H.C. provides cost-containment products for self-funded entities and other clients. All clients responding to the survey ranked the quality of H.H.C.'s products and technology solutions as "excellent."

Exceptional Service and Professionalism H.H.C. prides itself on providing exceptional client service. Our clients agree that we do just that. They told us that H.H.C. meets or exceeds their required turnaround times, responds quickly to answer their questions, and provides the information they need when they need it.

"A very professional team of leaders with excellent industry knowledge."

Listening and Caring H.H.C. delivers more than just superior savings. We provide support and counsel to help our clients maximize their value to their customers. All survey respondents said H.H.C. listens to them when they reach out to us, provides valuable solutions, and truly cares about their businesses.

Delivers Real Value All respondents said the value they receive for the price they pay is "excellent." Almost 90% said H.H.C. gives them "Vital" or "Big" advantage in this highly competitive marketplace.

"H.H.C. provides a valuable service to us, and I am very pleased with their work and professionalism."

"Gives me a real competitive advantage"
"Proves a good value for my money"
"Really cares about my business"