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H.H.C. Group Adds PNOA

September 28, 2021 H.H.C. Group, one of the country's leading national health care cost containment companies, today announced the addition of the Provider Network of America's (PNOA) Group Health and Workers' Comp networks to its list of network partners. The addition of PNOA is part of HHC's strategy of providing more and deeper discounts for its self-insured clients' group health out-of-network claims and for discounting Workers' Comp health claims below fee schedule in fee schedule states/securing discounts in non-fee schedule states.

"PNOA is a strong, fast growing PPO network that will enable us to continue to fulfill our mission of finding more ways to minimize our clients' expenditures for the healthcare services their employees and members utilize," said H.H.C. Group's President and CEO Dr. Bruce D. Roffe'.

"PNOA will compliment H.H.C. Group and the services they provide by adding our almost 600,000 providers to their national coverage at more than competitive rates". - Mark Dyer, CEO

About H.H.C. Group

H.H.C. Group is a leading national health insurance consulting company providing a wide range of cost containment solutions for Insurers, Third Party Administrators, Self-Insured Employee Health Plans, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), ERISA and Government Health Plans. H.H.C. Group utilizes a combination of highly skilled professionals and advanced information technology tools to consistently deliver targeted solutions, significant savings and exceptional client service.

H.H.C. Group's services include Claim Negotiation, Claim Repricing, Surprise Bill Claim Resolution, Medicare Reference Based Pricing, DRG Validation, Medical Bill Review (Audit), Claims Editing, Medical Peer Reviews/Independent Reviews, Independent Medical Examinations (IME), Case Management, Utilization Review, Data Mining, Disease Management and Pharmacy Consulting.

For additional information about H.H.C. Group and our services, visit or contact Bob Serber at or 301-963-0762 ext. 163.

About Provider Network of America (PNOA)

PNOA is a directly contracted provider network that partners with hospitals, ancillary facilities, and providers nationwide. PNOA has built a robust national network and is growing at a rate of about 3,000 new providers every week. Medicare based reimbursements and other unique discount methodologies have separated PNOA from the pack in securing affordable healthcare for its members. The PNOA contracting team delivers results FAST by utilizing a proprietary network development process.
Complimentary with the network comes an elite and aggressive custom network development piece that includes a provider nomination process and whitespace build out.

For additional information about PNOA, please visit or contact Jeremy Ramsland at or 800-472-2636 ext. 3214.