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The Power of Relationships

the power of relationships

HHC Group finds and builds trusted relationships with key provider decision-makers. These relationships enable our Case Managers to secure agreements that generate sizable incremental savings for our clients even on in-network claims with deep PPO discounts, even on a rush basis. In this case, in 1 day the provider decision-maker agreed to reduce their discounted bill by 34.8% more saving the group an incremental $222,891.90.

Provider Type: Hospital

Claim Type: In-Network

Patient: 16-year-old quadriplegic. C1-14 complete

Diagnosis: Major laceration of the left vertebral artery. Acute respiratory failure with hypoxia. Acute respiratory failure with hypercapnia. Acute Posthemorrhagic Anemia. Spinal cerebrospinal fluid leak, spontaneous.

Provider Charge: $641,365.90

PPO Discounted Charge: $389,185.29 (60.7%)

H.H.C. Adjusted Charge: $159,293.39

Client Savings: $222,891.90

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