home Our staff of licensed health Insurance adjusters who are attorneys, nurses, pharmacists, physicians, and other health insurance professionals, will contact providers to negotiate/reprice your costly medical claims. Patients can submit/enter claims directly online for pricing reductions. Providers can use this site to electronically submit claims to health insurers.

If you have a question about a health care claim,
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• Claims Editing • Case Management • Claim Negotiations • Claim Repricing • Disease Management • DRG Validation • Medicare Repricing • Medical Bill Review (Audit) • Medical Peer Review • Pharmacy Consulting • PBM • 3 Star Preferred Provider Network (PPN) • Transplant Networks • Utilization Review • URAC Accredited Independent Review Organization (IRO)

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Licensed Independent Accident and Health Insurance Adjusters in the states of Florida, New York, North Carolina, and Oregon
H.H.C. Group is a Utilization Review Agency in Alabama and is a Licensed\Certified Independent Review Organization in Arkansas,
Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Nevada, New Hampshire, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming, an
External Independent Review Organization in the States of Illinois, Ohio, and Tennessee,
An Independent Review Organization and a Licensed Medical Claims Review Agency in the State of Indiana

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